Expo restaurants

Bowlingbistron and Peter Brolin Gastronomy, Mittia’s restaurantpartner, offers exhibitors as well as visitors, lunch buffet during the expo days with three different courses as well as salad buffet and soft/or alcoholic drinks in the main restaurant tent located near entrance west. On the premises, there is also a fast-food area with simpler alternatives.

(Exhibitors with no time for longer lunch break are offered take-away. Pay for lunch and drinks for own staff or clients through tickets – log on and read more in the Client Zone! For lunch during Wednesday, we recommend Bowlingbistron at their regular location Hybovägen 7A or Restaurant Hembygdsgården close to our entrance west - please note that they do not accept our tickets. Thursday the expo restaurant will offer a simpler lunch and will accept the lunch tickets.)



Lasagne al forno

Chicken Provencale, rice & chilisauce.

Breaded fish, tartarsauce, potatoes & lemon.

Vegetarian chili con carne available upon request.

Salladsbuffet with several sorts of sallad.

(Homebaked bread, crispbread, butter. Ketchup, chilisauce, lemons. Water and leomades.

Coffee & Tea. (Softdrinks, sweets etc. available for purchase at the bar.)